actually you know what he is kind of a weird dude

why does 2p alfred talk in Impact?




Holy moly! Your art style changed so much. Why?

[SCREAMS hi there!! several things happened ok 1. A FEW MONTHS PASSED 2. i was exposed to a lot of really talented artists in the homestuck fandom that changed the way i think about drawing 3. i got a tablet!! and paint tool sai!!!!!!!! both of which make my stuff now look a lot different from how it used to look oh boy]

Why does Alfred talk in comic sans?


what are you talking about???

//MAGIC ANON (who is not so anon)// America, you will be 2p! For the next 3 asks!!!! //runs away Hahaha!!!

well snot

fucking incredible 

what is this “morning” you speak of

send us stuff!!!

send us stuff!!!